Tuition App BD


We build a app and webapp known as Tuition App BD

This is a platform that is useful for finding tutor for a student and finding tuition for a teacher. It is mainly Bangladesh focused.


Technologies we used

  • Next js (React js)
  • Node js (Express js)
  • MongoDB
  • Nginx
  • Ubuntu
  • Web Socket & HTTPS
  • React Native

It is very secure and powerful app. It is continuously developing as like Facebook. It is kind of social media. Not really but it has the features to Post, create account, upgrade account, chat, follow among users, etc.


The entire project was developed by Minhazur Sarker himself - The CEO, founder and senior developer of this company.

  • Client: Md Selim Rana
  • Location: Sylhet, Bangladesh
  • Technologies: MERN Stack
  • Completed: 10th july-2020
  • Website:Tuition App BD

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