MAT World


We build a website for MAT World

Mat world is one of the largest electronics group of company in Bangladesh. They started their company in the beginning of 2021.They are good at their product quality.


Technologies we used

  • Laravel
  • October CMS
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • Animate.css
  • WOW animation

The best companies need the best websites. So we created a web app for them. They can create sub-brand pages, create services, and each service has its own page. All content is dynamic. The backend was very simple and beautiful. They can create sliders in the backend that are displayed on the home page and brand page. It took about a month to complete.


The client was very happy. They were very grateful to us. All our efforts and hard work achieved success

  • Client: MD. Anowar Husain
  • Location: Dhaka , Bangladesh
  • Technologies: Laravel , Bootstrap,
  • Completed: 21st May,2021
  • Website:MAT World

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